We're All Gonna Die

from by The Bubbles



All the things that you have ever said
All the people you've taken to bed
All the books that you have ever read
All the papers that you've ever shred

All the cigarettes you've ever smoked
All the times you've ever told a joke
All the people that you've ever met
All the times you've ever been upset

All the girls that ever broke your heart
All the things that you have torn apart
All the music that you've ever heard
All the times you've been at loss for words....

They don't really matter, because....

All the lies that you have ever told
All the things that you have ever sold
All the places that you'll ever live
All the presents that you'll ever give

All the furniture that's in your room
All the bodies we'll dig out of tombs
All the bombs that we will ever drop
All the floors that you will ever mop

All the dials that you've ever turned
All the letters that you've ever burned
All the information you have learned
All the money that you'll ever earn

All the times that you have felt alone
All the bubbles that you've ever blown...

don't really matter...all because

All the songs that you will ever sing
All the people with whom you've had a fling
All the sex that you have ever had
All the things that really getchya mad

All the years that quickly pass us by
Now have made me realize

We're All Gonna Die....

We're All Checking Out.....

Sooner rather than later....

We're All Gonna Die (times a million)

so take a deep deep breath....


from Daydreaming in Technicolor, released August 19, 2010
William Glosup - Vocals/Guitar/Drums/Kazoo/Violin/Percussion/Dying Noises

Ray Levinson-Fort - Bass Guitar

Chris Balcom - Dying noises



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The Bubbles Austin, Texas

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