Wasting My Time

from by The Bubbles



Words keep floating, out of your mouth
Slowly trickling up into my ear
You keep talking about yourself
Saying nothing that I want to hear

Don't you know that you are wasting my time?
I've got much better things to do
Got some laundry that needs to get washed
I should go to the grocery too

I'd much rather be doing anything else
Than having a conversation with you

I get a few calls everyday
from people who've got nothing to do
They don't wanna talk, just wanna complain
I've got enough-a, with out their adieu

They talk about how life can be so unkind
About things that they'll never really do
I should tell them that they're wasting my time
But they'd be saddend cause it's actually true.

Well, I'm always wishing that I was doing something else
Than wasting all of my time on you.


Quit wasting my time girl,
How could anyone be as self-indulgent...as you are?
I don't know.
Butcha butcha butcha really really really ought to quit
wasting my time, girl.....quit wasting my very very precious time.


from Daydreaming in Technicolor, released August 19, 2010
William Glosup - Vocals/Guitar/Keyboard/Percussion/Drums/Tamboruine/Bass Guitar



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